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If you've not heard of singer/songwriter and YouTube star Poppy, it's time you check her out. Her new album I Disagree dropped Friday, 1/10 and it's really good.  I wasn't familiar with her talent but that's okay - I'll play catch-up, 4 million followers on her YouTube channel know!

Her sound is amazing and hard to pin down to one genre.  It's an industrial rock-type sound with a techno blend. It's loud and it's fun, and you'll be mesmerized if you listen while watching the video.  In the title track, she takes aim at the suits of the music industry, from the pressures they place on her to the poor decisions they make - then she suggests to burn it all down to the ground.  Something so many can related to on different levels.  The music grinds and the sound is fantastic and in the video, Poppy rises like the Phoenix.

Give a listen to the Blood Money track as well - another great track that seems to showcase Poppy's respect for faith as she asks, "what do you believe when everyone is watching? what do you believe when no one is watching?"  The sound is riveting and the video shows the classic of good (dressed in white) fighting back evil (dressed in black), and ends with her shadowed against a neon cross.  Nice.

Poppy starts and ends her tour in California playing about 22 venues in the US before heading off to Europe.  All I know is she's coming to Detroit to The Majestic in Detroit on Feb 1st, hope to #SeeYouAtTheShow.

Page and tour info here:  impoppy.com

Tickets for Detroit show: MajesticDetroit.com

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